1st Annual Pittsburgh Chess Conference

Have you ever wanted to meet Garry Kasparov? Yes, the greatest chess player to ever live? Well, now is your chance!

Dear Community,

The 1st Annual Pittsburgh Chess Conference, hosted by The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute, is a milestone for the city of Pittsburgh. There has never been an event of this topic and scale in Pittsburgh to date. With special guests including international grandmasters, government representatives, and city leaders, the Conference chose the theme of Connecting Communities, One Move at a Time to show how chess to building bridges to create an even more inclusive city.

I ask you to consider attending yourself or bringing your child to this event for three main reasons.

1. I founded The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute, a registered 501 (C) (3) at the age of 14. I’m so thankful the amount of support we have received over the years. As I graduate Ellis and begin my journey as a Freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, I decided to host the Pittsburgh Chess Conference for my senior project and Queen’s Gambit initiatives. For this event to be successful and to represent the hard work of this organization, we want community attendance.

2. If your child plays chess, they should attend this event because it is a collection of all the great chess players in the city. I’m working to ensure every child can attend on Friday, June 1st because this is an educational field trip. I am currently working with Pittsburgh Public Schools and Pittsburgh Private Schools to get permission for students to attend. Thus far, the results have been very positive, and I hope you stand by us to make the event the best it can be.

3. Chess is an educational tool. Students who play chess excel in the fields of math, science, and the humanities. Students who play chess score higher on standardized testing and can use strategy, forward thinking, and other tools to enhance their communication skills. When students play chess, they are working their brains. If your child attends this event, not only would they meet Pittsburgh’s most cherished leaders and grandmasters, but they would interact with other students from various schools and be apart of the movement to further appreciate the game and make it an active sport in the city.

Thank you very much for your dedication to chess, and I hope you consider these points as the event draws near.

Yours in service,

Ashley Lynn Priore
Founder, President, CEO

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