Chess is a portable classroom. Let’s make Pittsburgh the city of chess. 

Mission Statement: The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute is an organization that teaches chess to the community, ensuring as many individuals as possible have the opportunity and necessary tools to learn the game chess through a 21st-century approach to studying the game. We are also seeking inclusion in a male dominated sport.


Philosophy and Vision: Chess dedication, determination, innovation, outreach, and equality is our business philosophy. Queen’s Gambit Chess is a pilot program with a goal of developing into a permanent institution for students to enjoy, beyond Pittsburgh. In the future, there will be four main parts under The Queen’s Gambit: The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute, The Queen’s Gambit Times, the Queen’s Gambit Literature Institute and Criticism Magazine, The Queen’s Gambit Psychology Center.

Target Market: The target is youth ages Pre-K-12th grade. While Queen’s Gambit will work with college level students and adults in time, we believe it is necessary to foster chess learning in our younger generation, so in time, they can continue our progress and spread the mission statement.