About Us

We are Pittsburgh’s center for chess innovation and excellence.

Chess is a portable classroom. Let’s make Pittsburgh the city of chess. 

In simple words, we teach chess.

In reality, we use chess to make a stronger Pittsburgh.

We started in 2014. Our founder was fourteen years old. Since then, we have impacted 300 students and partnered with 50 organizations to expand chess.

Why should your child learn chess?

Critical thinking, strategies for life-long development, and … it’s fun.

Want to get chess programming in your school, workplace, or home?

Contact us. We offer classes, clubs, tournaments, and programs to best suit your organization.

What makes us different?

We work with youth, government leaders, and other organizations to create economic, political, and social change.

We spearhead initiatives in the city form economic development to academic success.

We teach chess and lead initiatives:

Advancement Center (where research in the game happens)

Curriculum Center (where we create personalized curriculum for schools and teachers)

9 Districts Chess (where we work with organizations and local government to ensure chess opportunities are available in all neighborhoods)

Early Childhood Chess (where we ensure every pre-school and lower school in Pittsburgh has chess programming)

Impact! PGH (where we use chess to impact! Pittsburgh)

Learn more about our founder, president, and CEO.

Learn more about our staff and leadership.