Our Network: Chess, Changing Lives

Want to get involved in the changing the city of Pittsburgh? Join our network of city developers, leaders, and change-makers who all strive for the same goal: a 21st century Pittsburgh. Contact ashleylynnpriore@tqgchess.institute for membership details.

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Alliance of Pittsburgh School Chess

An alliance of schools, students, parents, educators, and many more supporting chess in schools and coming together to play chess.

The Pittsburgh Chess Group

Are you a community member interested in supporting chess, going to QGCI tournaments and events for free, and receiving newsletters and updates about chess? Join “The Pittsburgh Chess Group” – the official Pittsburgh group for chess.

Chess Teachers Association of Pittsburgh

An association of all chess teachers in the Pittsburgh area. Our goal is to work together to preserve the rich history of chess in the city, share the importance of chess teachers and the game in youths’ lives, and create a network to expand Pittsburgh’s chess scene. To join or become part of the Steering Committee, please contact Ashley Lynn Priore at ashleylynnpriore@tqgchess.institute.