Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute is committed to outreach. We work all educational establishments and institutions to teach chess in the 9 districts of Pittsburgh and fulfill the needs of our students. From Pittsburgh City Government’s help to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s community support to Pittsburgh Public School’s nine district model, chess will be in every neighborhood and community.

We provide free chess programming to the community, most importantly, students who cannot afford it. Many children and teens in the Pittsburgh area wish to learn and play chess with their peers, but their families cannot afford classes or do not have the tools and opportunities to make this happen. While chess supplies are expensive, Queen’s Gambit Chess will have chess sets and other important chess supplies to facilitate the experience of learning chess.

Queen’s Gambit Chess will go out into the Pittsburgh community, and make chess an active activity in the city!

We offer select classes or an official chess program including (at most) several classes, a team, clubs, tournaments, a coach, and private individual lessons for each child. Queen’s Gambit Chess provides additional needs for each location, ensuring every child has what they need to succeed.

In addition, private chess is available to students in the community who do not have the means to study at a specific location or need an individual lesson based program. Queen’s Gambit Chess offers signature private chess classes and instruction including one on one lessons with a chess instructor, private classes with a tournament, private tournaments, and hire a chess coach. Private chess programming is a personalized curriculum for students.

In time, we hope to have a main location where we can host chess programming as well. Unless a situation is need base or the student is a part of a QGCI class, private chess is the only part of this institute that costs money. The rate varies, but it is most commonly, $20 dollars an hour. If your family needs help financially but wishes to have private lessons, please contact us. We want to help you!



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