Ashley Lynn Priore

Allen Gao

Somdatta Basu

“I began learning chess from my parents when I was only five years old. I instantly fell in love with the game. Currently, I compete in as many tournaments as possible and take chess lessons to improve my game! In addition to chess, some of my hobbies include reading, competitive swimming, and playing the piano. However, chess remains my favorite way to exercise my brain and have fun at the same time!”

Sophia Sandholm

Vik Sinha

Zora Burroughs


Ashley Comans, HYPE (Schools)

Andy McQuarrie, The Hillman Company (Finance)

Ani Martinez, Remake Learning (Innovation)

Ciera Young, Ellis School (Diversity)

Jenna Baron, PRYSE Academy (Refugee Support)

Jon Bindley, Saturday Light Bridge (Creativity)

“I am proud to support this initiative that will make chess more accessible to youth throughout Pittsburgh. The game has so much to offer and I am eager to help more young people reap its benefits.”

Lisa Palmeri, Holy Family Academy (STEAM)

Megan Fogt, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (Community)

Mike Skirpan, Community Forge (Entrepreneurship)

Tim Howard, Ellis School (Technology)


David Frank, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (History)

Elizabeth Harbist, St. Edmund’s Academy (Administration)